How to Make Women Laugh

...and fall in love!


Making a woman laugh can be the easiest thing in the world, but sometimes, it can feel like an impossible task. This is because men and women process humor differently. While men prefer one-liners or gags with a punch line, women like to use humor in narrative form and stories that relate to their everyday lives.

Laughter plays a central role in human meeting and mating. A woman seeks a man who can make her laugh, and men are anxious to comply with this request. Men usually flirt by getting women to laugh, while women flirt by laughing. make any woman laugh - read this

Humor is the key to attracting women. When you make a woman laugh, not only you feel good about yourself but you also give the impression that you are a sociable and attractive person (even if you are not). No woman wants to be around a person who is serious all the time and boring. Men who can make women laugh are irresistible, as it is psychologically impossible to dislike a person who can make you laugh. Laughter is the key component in a successful relationship.

If you are a man trying to win a woman's heart, you must know how to make a woman laugh and fall in love with you. Perhaps you think you are not humorous, or you don't have that sense of humor to make women fall in love with you. Or perhaps you just lose your sense of humor in front of women.
The good news is that humor can be learned. It's a skill that can be practiced. Think about movie stars and politicians. They practice to laugh. So, any man, regardless of looks or intelligence can learn how to make women laugh and develop his own style of humor.

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5 Quick Tips:

Try to mimic her style of humor, and use that type of humor yourself.

Always use fresh material and new jokes

It's not only what you say that makes women laugh, but how and when you say it.
There are many types of humor. Find the one that reflects your personality.
Being humorous is a trial and error process and will take time to learn





Humor & Laughter Facts


- Humor is not inherited - it is molded by our individual experiences


- A great sense of humor can add an additional eight years to your life


- People smile only 35% as much as they think they do




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